Michael Davias

1963 2600 Sprint - in restoration, 1967 Duetto - in restoration
1971 1750 GTV - in restoration, 1976 Alfetta GTV, 1991 Spider - FUN driver!

First up for discussion is the 1991 Alfa Spider. Our Spider has been very reliable since purchase on eBay in 2004. Originally sold in Ohio,CarFAX show s it quickly was moved to the Carolinas. A former owner had the engine rebuilt and repainted in a gorgeous black finish in 2001. Maintenance demands were initially quite light, although I did install a new windshield and a new fuel pump & filter early on. At the three year-mark, the instrument pod was sent out to Palo Alto Spedos for a freshening up. The addition of a windscreen was a blessing for the long ride out to the Detroit convention and the 1000 km tour around Lake Huron. Summer ‘08 fixes: Replaced door panels, spark plug wires and power steering hoses. A shop noted that one trailing arm bushing was a bit soft, so that started a chain reaction that saw most front and back suspension bushings replaced, along with the shocks (Koni Classic) and Springs (IAP). Everything removed and powder coated. She now has a iPod-interfacing Sony radio. The latest addition was a proper factory hard top, which I bought on eBay - again, from North Carolina!