Michael Davias

1963 2600 Sprint - in restoration, 1967 Duetto - in restoration
1971 1750 GTV - in restoration, 1976 Alfetta GTV, 1991 Spider - FUN driver!

First up for discussion is the 1991 Alfa Spider. Our Spider has been very reliable since purchase on eBay in 2004. Originally sold in Ohio,CarFAX show s it quickly was moved to the Carolinas. A former owner had the engine rebuilt and repainted in a gorgeous black finish in 2001. Maintenance demands were initially quite light, although I did install a new windshield and a new fuel pump & filter early on. At the three year-mark, the instrument pod was sent out to Palo Alto Spedos for a freshening up. The addition of a windscreen was a blessing for the long ride out to the Detroit convention and the 1000 km tour around Lake Huron. Summer ‘08 fixes: Replaced door panels, spark plug wires and power steering hoses. A shop noted that one trailing arm bushing was a bit soft, so that started a chain reaction that saw most front and back suspension bushings replaced, along with the shocks (Koni Classic) and Springs (IAP). Everything removed and powder coated. She now has a iPod-interfacing Sony radio. The latest addition was a proper factory hard top, which I bought on eBay - again, from North Carolina!

Bertrand Wong

My first Alfa encounter happened when I was around 10 years old. A family friend picked up my father in his brand new beige GTV. The image of the low tapered tail, the 2000 badge and the exhaust note remain fresh in my mind. Ten years later, at the Toronto International Auto Show, I saw a spider quadrifogio. Unfortunately, it was beyond my budget as I just graduated from University and there was no room for golf bag. I came close to buying an Alfa in 1994 when my wife and I test drove the 164. We loved the car but were turned off by the sales person’s attitude. After Alfa left North America, I have pretty much given up the idea of owning one as I know very little about auto mechanics. In 2008, I saw a red GTV6 in my neighborhood and that was enough to ignite my interest again. Thanks to the internet, I found out about the New York Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, Alfa specialists in Long Island and web sites where I can find parts. Equipped with these resources, I finally purchased the 73 GTV on the internet. When I am not driving the Alfa, I like to build and collect models. I am a regular at the Sunday breakfast. This is a great opportunity to talk about cars and other recent events in the community.

Lou Grasso

After sending my TR6 to the rust graveyard with over 250M miles on it, I didn't get the "bug" for another sports car until September of 1990, when I saw an ad for the 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce on the back of a magazine. I ran right down to the dealer and test drove it. It was amazing compared to the TR6... what a ride. I ordered it and joined the AROC as soon as I took delivery. My first event at the NY Chapter was a rally. It was great fun. I met the core members who loved the marque and shared their enthusiasm over the "new look" Spider. Since then my wife Joann and I became part of the Alfa Family, attending many car meets and social events. Recently we began having "unofficial" Sunday breakfasts which are now ritual. Breakfast is a great way for members who don't attend events to come and meet a great group of people. It becomes a mini car show, a clinic (we usually have a mechanic or two present) and a good reason to drive your Alfa. On Sunday mornings I encourage all members to come and enjoy the camaraderie of our group. I guarantee a warm welcome and the beginning of many new Alfisti friendships.

Phillip Jacobs

Watching "The Graduate" for the first time sold me on an Alfa Romeo Spider, that and the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack. (To this day that is still one of my favorite movies.) I graduated High School in 1978 with hopes of someday owning an Alfa. It wasn't until the summer of 2002 that I found my self still dreaming about it. One day, over a beer, my friend and I found ourselves reminiscing about a car he had bought his last year of school, a 1969 TR6. Mike no longer had his car, and before I could say that I never even got mine I thought to my self "what the heck!" It was my turn to own an Alfa. Before making such a purchase I did some research and decided to join the AROC. Finally in March of 2003, with somehelp from the Alfa Auto Clinic I purchase my very own Alfa Romeo Spider. I couldn't have been happier with their efforts or the results. The car is a 1978 Alfa Romeo Niki Lauda Special Edition #78. It was in good condition, a few adjustments and a new paint job was about all it took. Joining the AROC of NY has been as much fun as owning the car. I could tell from my first Sunday breakfast with the group that I was with people that shared my enthusiasm for Alfas. I have learned lots of useful information from other members and have made lots of friends. My Alfa is a pleasure to drive, it's not the Duetto that Dustin drives in "The Graduate", and California is a long ride from here, but I couldn't be happier. I have the club, and I finally have my Alfa!