NYAROC Drive to Montreal for AROC - USA National Convention


Tuesday July 11th - July 12th NYAROC members are invited to participate in a two day scenic drive to Montreal Canada where the 2017 AROC-USA convention will be held. 

NYAROC members will meet up at Hayfields Country Store & Cafe in North Salem, NY, for coffee and breakfast. We will depart at 9am. 
We will then drive for 2 hrs. and 4o min. North along NY Route 22.  At noon we will stop at Madison Brewing Company Pub & Restaurant in Bennington, VT for lunch.  At 1pm we depart for a 50 min. drive to The Vermont Country Store in Weston VT where we will meet up with other Alfa Owners from the Northeast area who have planned out the rest of the trip as presented on the AlfaBB

The assembled group will depart Weston VT at 2:30 and stop at The Grand Resort Hotel in Killington VT departing at 3:30.  The next stop is in the village center of Waitsfield VT departing at 4:30.  The final stop for the day is in Stowe VT at approximately 6:00pm.

Hotel bookings are up to you. There are plenty of options for hotels but they seem to be selling fast.
One reasonably priced choice is Town & Country Resort At Stowe for $109 for a double room. 

On Wednesday we continue North towards Lake Champlain via Route 2 through the Islands and eventual arrival at the convention hotel:  The Pointe Claire Holiday Inn

Drive part one - Tuesdays Drive - part one - 170 miles / 3.5 hours
Link to Map HERE

Tuesdays Drive - part two - 100 miles / 3.5 hours
Link to the AlfaBB planning page HERE

Wednesday Drive  - 140 miles / 4 hours
Link to the AlfaBB planning page HERE