Amelia Island Concourso 2017

Bill Warners Amelia Island Concourso along with all the various amazing auto events was again world class. The sheer number of rare and exotic classic automobiles on display, and up for auction, kept going non-stop for days. The Car Club events, the Concourso and the Auctions were very well attended even after Sunday's weather forecast caused the main event to be moved up to Saturday. 

My High School buddy Dave Ahlers registered for the club event so we arrived in his beautiful '69 XKE. There was a Velocity channel crew filming a special Jag 220 and I think they backrounded the XKE. 

There were a number of  factory reps with mucho hospitality including test drives! The test drives are limited and luckily we signed up early with ALFA ROMEO. There were two Ti's and two Quadrifoglio's available.  We took the red Giulia Quad and blasted off on a really great test drive. The car is a superlative high performance automobile. Very comfortable and quick. For the money, it can't be beat. And its a four door Alfa, which is something I've long waited for. 

There were many old acquaintances there, and a good number of AROC club members such as Dave Yeager, Nick Cervera, J. Michael Helmsley, Delmas Greene and a group of Florida Alfa Club members. Also attending were a number of favorites and celeb's such as Peter Lombardo, Joe Nastasi, Keith Martin, Gary Dragone, Wayne Carini, Donald Osborne and Matt Jones.

Mr. Warner and his crew accomplished another great event, we all had a great time, and an Alfa 8C 2900B Spider won - sports - Best of Show!

Text - Victor Cerami
Photos - Gail Cerami