Alfa Romeo GTV6 Thermostat Element Installation


Alfa Romeo Milano and GTV6 Thermostat (IAP #350021)Originally, Alfa Romeo supplied this thermostat along with its housing, but that item is no longer available. We now supply a replacement internal element which you install into your existing thermostat housing. Here's the procedure:

1. (Photo 1). Using pliers, flatten the tabs (A) that retain the old element to the housing's mounting ears.

2. (Photo 2). Now you can twist the old thermostat element free and lift it from the housing.

3. (Photo 3). Place the new element into the housing, making sure the actuating pin fits into the hole (B) in the top of the housing. 

4. (Photo 4). Depress the new element and twist it into the grooves in the mounting ears, similar to the way the old element was removed (it may take a little more effort). Make sure the element is centered and equally started into each "ear" before twisting, or it will be difficult to twist all the way around to the correct location. Keep rotating the element until it snaps into place.

Note: The new thermostat functions the same as the original; it opens at approximately 83 degrees C (181 degrees F), and opens 7-9 mm when hot.

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