Dan Goldman

It started with a simple question. Che cosa si può fare per parlare veramente bene?

I was in Italian class in 1995 when I asked my teacher. What can one do to speak much better? I had just  completed Italian 3 in adult education. My teacher responded that Mr. Goldman , though you will never be Italian you need to expose yourself to all things Italian. From food to music to Italian T.V. Ce sono molti così de vedere e sentire. There are many things to see and feel. She asked me what did I do and what do I like to do? 

Che cosa fare, e che cosa le fa piacere? At the time, I sold Italian dry-cleaning machines and my hobby was the rolling restoration of my 1958 Volvo PV444. My teacher told me that her husband hurt his back and could no longer drive his Alfa Romeo. A day later I came home with a rusty 1976 Alfetta GT which was rusting away faster than I could enjoy it. A 1967 GTV arrived a few month later followed by my current car a 1979 Spider. 

I sold the two old Alfas and the old Volvo and switched jobs after 18 years. Today I sell Swedish washing machines but much as I have tried the Scandinavian languages are way too sterile for me. By the way, fellow club member Enzo Rella did a beautiful restoration on my old 1967 GTV but it pains me to see the car today. Like a old girl friend who suddenly looks more desirable after you break up. So I have steadily been updating
my Spider. Adeso, mi sembra che il mio lavoro non paga e abbastanza per la mia machina. 

Forse mia moglie può risolvere mia problema e lavora più. Spero ti si. ( Now, it seems to me that my job doesn't pay enough for my car. Perhaps, my wife can resolve the problem and work more. I hope so.)