Bertrand Wong

My first Alfa encounter happened when I was around 10 years old. A family friend picked up my father in his brand new beige GTV. The image of the low tapered tail, the 2000 badge and the exhaust note remain fresh in my mind. Ten years later, at the Toronto International Auto Show, I saw a spider quadrifogio. Unfortunately, it was beyond my budget as I just graduated from University and there was no room for golf bag. I came close to buying an Alfa in 1994 when my wife and I test drove the 164. We loved the car but were turned off by the sales person’s attitude. After Alfa left North America, I have pretty much given up the idea of owning one as I know very little about auto mechanics. In 2008, I saw a red GTV6 in my neighborhood and that was enough to ignite my interest again. Thanks to the internet, I found out about the New York Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, Alfa specialists in Long Island and web sites where I can find parts. Equipped with these resources, I finally purchased the 73 GTV on the internet. When I am not driving the Alfa, I like to build and collect models. I am a regular at the Sunday breakfast. This is a great opportunity to talk about cars and other recent events in the community.